Our Commitment

Striving for Excellence

Caroline Jones Director

'Childhood is a journey, not a race'
At Pathways we believe that every child is unique and has rights, including the right to play, learn, thrive and be happy. We strive to develop a community where everyone works together, is welcome, valued and respected. We aim to ensure that each child experiences high quality nursery provision in a caring, safe, healthy and inclusive environment. We commit to meeting each child's emotional, physical and learning needs. We emphasise the importance of promoting care, learning and development through practical activities and positive relationships in a welcoming, protective and caring environment. We we listen to and engage with parents and other professionals.

Pathways is committed to inclusive practice and equality of opportunity. There is a zero-tolerance approach to discrimination on the grounds of difference, including race, special educational needs and disabilities, skin colour, gender, age, sexual orientation or religious beliefs. Staff are committed to Safeguarding and Protecting Children from actual or potential harm, abuse or neglect and have a duty to follow Local Safeguarding Children’s Board Procedures. All branches are risk assessed to reduce the risk of transmission of infections, including COVID19.

As director I passionately believe it is a privilege to be part of children's lives, and espouse a team that may not be perfect, but is continuously learning, reflecting and evaluating practice, asking central question - what is it like for a child here today? How can I make it even better?

Dr Caroline Jones (Director)