Summary of Key Policies

Pathways practices are based on a number of well established policies that are regularly reviewed and updated.

Please find below a summary of the key policies that we are required to share with parents.
The full version of these and our other non-statutory policies are available in each of our settings.

Please ensure you are aware of our child protection policy before your child starts nursery.

+Recommended Periods of Exclusion Due to Illness 2020

Covid-19 policies and procedures are in place and PHE/NHS guidance is followed. Pathways reserves the right to refuse admission to a child who appears unwell, or is showing sign and symptoms of infection. Parents must provide emergency contact details and be able to arrange to collect their child should they become unwell during a session. NHS 111 and 999 are used where necessary.

Recommended Periods of Exclusion 2021

+GDPR Privacy Notice

+Child Protection and Safeguarding

Pathways staff are fully committed to protecting children from harm or neglect and take all possible measures to help children stay safe. It is essential that you read the Child Protection procedures before your child starts nursery. The nursery follows the Local Safeguarding Children's Partnership (LSCP) procedures. All staff are safely recruited, police checked, and undertake Child Protection training. There is a strict camera phone policy in place. Allegations made against staff will be fully investigated in accordance with procedures. Children will not be allowed off the premises with anyone other than authorised collectors. If you have any concerns about your child or another child please speak to the Designated Safeguarding Lead practitioner or a director. Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility.

+Inclusion and Special Educational Needs

This is an area of expertise in our settings. Our director is internationally recognised in the field. Children with special educational needs or disabilities (SEND) are encouraged to participate fully in nursery life. We engage with parents and are supported by outside agencies. Pathways follows the assess, plan, do and review process in the SEND Code of Practice. Parents will be involved, informed and supported should any concerns arise. Children’s views are taken into account. If you think your child may need learning support, please discuss this with us prior to admission.

+Working with Parents, Professionals and Community

Parents are involved and valued at Pathways. Parents receive regular newsletters and the parents’ notice board is available to share information. Parents are given suggestions as to how they may support their child’s learning and development at home. There are parent events and parents are welcome to help. We value daily verbal contact with parents and appointments may be made as necessary. Written feedback is provided termly progress summaries and ongoing learning journeys. Whilst we comply with parent's wishes as far as possible the needs of the child are always paramount and staff are legally obliged to comply with statutory requirements, Child Protection procedures and Health and Safety requirements. Parents are required to sign and abide by a contract and if this is not adhered to the service may be suspended. Any abusive behaviour towards staff will be reported to the police. The nursery works in partnership with schools and local authorities, as well as with the local community.

+Health and Safety

Pathways takes all possible measures to reduce the transmission of infection, including COVID-19 - coronavirus. The company procedures ensure health and safety is paramount. Every effort is made to keep children and adults physically and emotionally safe and secure. Robust risk assessments and cleaning checklists are in place. Parents should inform us of allergies, previous injuries, operations and illnesses. CCTV monitoring is use across all branches. Staff are first aid trained and fire/accident procedures are in place. Food hygiene standards are met.

+Concerns, Complaints and Compliments

Concerns, compliments and suggestions for improvement are welcome. If you are concerned about any aspect of our provision speak in the first instance to the officer in charge or phone the office and we will make every effort to resolve your concerns informally in accordance with our procedures. Please read the concerns and complaints procedure if you have a concern.

Complaints and Concerns Procedure 2019

+Behaviour and Attitudes

Staff have high expectations. Behaviour is managed in a calm, firm and consistent manner, with appropriate praise and sanctions. Corporal punishment, shouting or any other method likely to cause harm or distress to a child are never used. Concerns about behaviour are shared with parents. Bullying is not tolerated. Help from outside agencies is available for children needing emotional/behavioural support. Children are encouraged to gain a sense of self-control, and be sensitive to the needs of others.

+Equality of Opportunity

Pathways is committed to equity and equality of opportunity, recognising that every child and family are unique. No child or adult will be discriminated against on account of social, cultural, linguistic or family background and all are valued for their difference. Activities and resources reflect the diverse nature of society children live in. Children are encouraged to respect each other and to be sensitive to the needs of others. They celebrate a range of festivals including Christmas, Chinese New Year and Diwali.

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