Safeguarding and Child Protection

Statement on Safeguarding

Pathway is committed to Safeguarding Children. The same commitment is expected from all employees and parents. Child Protection is our number one priority. All staff are trained in child protection and have a legal duty to follow the local safeguarding procedures in relation to responding and reporting concerns that a child may be at risk of potential harm or neglect. Pathways is committed to the promotion of British Values and non-radicalisation of children. A summary of our safeguarding policy can be found here. Our full policy is available to parents on request.

Safer Recruitment

Stringent recruitment and ongoing checks on employees in terms of their suitability are conducted. Protecting children from harm or neglect by adults demands careful observations, following of procedures and the reporting of any concerns in accordance with company policy. We will not tolerate any actions from staff which could cause any form of actual or potential harm or distress to any child. Corporal punishment and any other action, including isolation or ‘time out’, are strictly prohibited.

Mobile Phones

Personal cameras and personal use of mobile phones are strictly prohibited in the presence of children. If, as parents, you are on the premises please refrain from using your mobile phone.


We have a robust policy related to the use of photographic images with children and you will be asked for parental consent in terms of this policy before your child starts with Pathways.


Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility. If, as parents, you have any concerns that a child in our care may be at risk of potential harm or neglect for any reason, these should be reported immediately by confidential e-mail to or calling 01926 484030 and asking to speak confidentially to a director.

More information about what to do if you are worried can be found here.