Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare

There is a strong emphasis on emotional well-being, and positive relationships. Our settings provide a family ethos in a homely, caring where environment children feel safe and secure. Children’s emotional wellbeing is established through positive attachments to staff and with each other. Personal, Social and Emotional Development (PSED), including sharing, taking turns, managing behaviour, developing confidence, expressing feelings, and respectful relationships, is promoted through the daily routine and in circle times. Children can express themselves through art, drawing and other means.


Praise is used to promote high self-esteem and a positive sense of identity. We help children make a positive contribution to the setting by taking account of their views, encouraging them to talk about their experiences, make choices and decisions. We encourage children to take responsibility e.g. helping tidy up, choosing stories and songs etc.

Children celebrate and value the beliefs and cultures of other children within and beyond the setting through discussion and activities. Staff model positive values in relation to diversity, democracy and British Values, children are encouraged to be sensitive to others needs.


Children participate in small group time each session to gain a sense of belonging. Resources are accessible so children can get things out and put them away independently. Children are helped to feel secure in their surroundings by a flexible pattern to the day.

Children are also physically safe and secure in terms of physical health and safety e.g. health and safety policy, medicine policy, CCTV cameras and monitors are installed.

Staff provide good role models and encourage children to gain a sense of danger by allowing some supervised risk- taking activities. Children are given boundaries and rewards for safe behaviour. We also talk to parents and use the parent’s notice board and leaflets to encourage children be safe at home. We use opportunities to help children recognise danger and safety such as when we are out for a walk.


Our role play area is continually used as a tool for personal and emotional development e.g. when in the home corner the children use the resources to make meals for each other, look after the baby and use the telephone.

We also have many policies and practices in place including – equal opportunities, behaviour, inclusion and anti-bullying. These are followed by all staff to enable them to ensure all children are physically, emotionally and mentally safe and healthy.