Our Principles

Pathways offers inclusive provision to meet your child’s individual needs
and promotes equality of access and opportunity regardless of differences in gender,
race, creed, ability or disability. We are committed to keeping children
safe in a secure environment and Child Protection procedures are
followed at all times. Our practice is underpinned by the following principles:

Children’s physical and emotional health, safety and well-being is of paramount importance

Each child is unique and a competent learner from birth

Every child has a right to be heard, valued and included

Children learn and develop through a pedagogy of playful teaching indoors and outdoors

Parents are informed and involved, their wishes are fully respected

Practitioners are safely recruited, well-trained, knowledgeable and reflective

Our Aims

‘What they bring home in their heads is more

important than what they bring home in their hands’

We aim to develop the following characteristics in your children:

To promote children’s emotional and physical health, safety and wellbeing

To provide appropriate opportunities for active learning, playing and exploring, creating and thinking critically

To develop positive respectful relationships between children, parents and our team.

To create an accessible enabling environment where children which supports children reach to reach their unique potential

To observe, assess and interact with each child according to their needs and interests