Breakfast Club – Early Birds

The ‘Early Birds’ or Breakfast Club is a very popular concept providing before school activities for children aged 4-11 years. In a homely atmosphere, children have a free choice of supervised activities. Children booked in before 8.30 a.m. are offered a choice of various breakfast items, subject to availability. These may typically include, for example, toast, plus two types of cereal, with either yoghurt or fruit with a choice of drink. On colder days, a warmer option, such as beans on toast, may be offered. Occasionally, we offer croissants, pancakes, or muffins as alternatives to toast. Breakfast items may vary and are subject to available items, but is always sufficient, and nutritious. Children sit at the table together and the breakfast is seen as a time to encourage good manners, independence, language and social skills.

Staff interact and join in with children as they play and learn together. Staff escort children to safely school in order that they arrive on time. Children in KS1 are not left unsupervised on a playground. Children in Ks2 may be left on the playground once a teacher is out on duty. Pathways staff only leave school premises, once a duty or class teacher is present. Reception class children are given extra care and supervision.

A typical early birds session

  • Children arrive and are greeted by the staff
  • Staff enter child on register
  • Staff and children participate together in chosen activities – reading, drawing, table games, floor puzzles…
  • Optional healthy breakfast (until 8.30)
  • Children tidy up, gather their coats and bags ready for school and line up in twos
  • Children registered and taken to safely school as appropriate and agreed with the school